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You have questions? Well I have answers.

I was inspired today by a photographer whose link I got from a forum I am a member of (thanks Nicole!). Her name is Joyce Smith, she is a talented child and family portrait photographer in Philadelphia and she has this awesome Photographer Q & A part of her blog. Answers specifically by, and for, photographers. Also, I have other pet photographer friends who have been so open about their backgrounds, businesses and technical processes, namely Grace Chon, who did an awesome post recently about shooting in natural light, and Mia Clapton, who did a very interesting and detailed post on composition. I have tried to do some of my own helpful posts that you will find in the ‘digital editing’ category, but haven’t felt like it’s enough. 

I get so many regular inquiries from photographers via email that I have stopped reading them. Christina knows when something comes in to answer it for me. If it looks like it needs my attention she will tell me about it. Although doing this has been wholly necessary for me to do my job and best serve my clients, it leaves me with strong feelings of guilt. Yes I have the workshops, but so often the questions are ones that are simple enough to answer, and I end up feeling like a horrible person that I can’t reply to them all (or, ahem, most, or, uh, any of them). So when I saw Joyce’s Q & A on her site, I thought “having that would help me”. Not just to help assuage my guilt, but, more importantly (hopefully) help all of the poor photographers out there who contact me seeking advice, only to be greeted with a sweet, but entirely unhelpful email from my assistant. Now she can send them to the page instead. Ha! Kidding! (sort of). hee hee…

So I present to you my very own Photographer Q & A, shamelessly stolen from Joyce Smith. But with my answers of course. If you are a photographer and have a question of your own feel free to leave it in the comments section here. As you can see by the Q & A, I am pretty open and don’t have anything to hide. Hope this helps somebody out there! 🙂

Cowbelly Photographer Q & A

(woops! I updated the link above- it works now. In the future you can find the Q + A link in the menu above)

Also, while we are on the topic, I am not looking for a 2nd assistant. But thanks for asking anyway! 

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