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Photo editing tips for dog and cat photos done in Photoshop and Lightroom. Tips on how to make images look better after they come out of the camera. How to edit dog and cat photography, step by step.

Fix me please! How to edit dog photos

Fore more tips on editing pet and dog images in Photoshop and Lightroom, check out the new Beautiful Beasties Blog for pet photographers, filled with photography tips & techniques, editing tips and tricks and more! ==================================================================== This will be the first in an ongoing series on image processing called ‘fix me please!’, where I […]

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the power of lightroom (and photoshop)

most of the editing on this image was done in LR2, with the exception of some touch-up cloning and adjustment layer masks in PSCS3 to bring the catchlights in the eyes up. Otherwise, major cloning, color, cropping, contrast and everything else was all Lightroom, which is pretty impressive, because anyone who has tried to clone […]

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revealing the lie

One thing that I think is a great misnomer among photographers just starting out, is that those amazing shots they see on the uber-talented really well known photographer’s blogs come out of the camera looking like that. While yes, the really talented folks can nail exposure shot after shot after shot, the amazing clarity, contrast […]

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