Fergie flirty ears pet photography Cinemagraph

I think every dog owner in the world knows the look in this Fergie ‘flirty ears’ pet photography cinemagraph. #swoon.

pet photography cinemagraph

Dogs are pretty tricky to design cinemagraphs of. They wiggle around and move their head a lot, which makes creating smooth transitions in the designing process a bit challenging. I got lucky here because she was wagging her tail and flicking her ears at the same time.

I’ve long thought that filming and designing (and even conceptualizing) cinemagraphs of people would be so much easier, because they take direction, you can tell them to hold still, perform a very specific behavior, etc. With dogs it doesn’t work that way, and since animals are my subject matter, I’m challenged during each step of the creation process. But I love a challenge, and who better to share it with than my furry best friend.

How adorable is she, really?

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