Penny’s Cold, Sunny December Shoot at Discovery Park in Seattle

Penny’s session was on a frigid cold yet sunny and gorgeous December day at Discovery Park in West Seattle. We played in the tall grass and chewed on sticks and generally had a fabulous time. Penny is such a great dog with an awesome temperament. She is incredibly intelligent, yet sweet and affectionate too. Although it was cold out she was a great sport!

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Penny loves to run with her daddy.

seattle pet photographyShake!!

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Thank you Clara for giving Chris and Helen the gift of pet photography! I hope they enjoy the images of their girl for many more years to come.

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  1. So beautiful! I have a question that I hope isn’t too prying. If it is, just ignore! Do you clone out the dog’s leash in your photos, or do you just shoot in off leash areas?

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