Instagram Challenge for April 22nd-28th: #DogSplits

It’s funny what your brain will do when you have insomnia and are running on a few minutes of sleep, which is the state I was in when I started creating these and sharing them on Instagram a week ago.

I introduce to you my fun new project called DogSplits™ (and CatSplits™ too, we can’t forget about the kitties). I take the funniest photos I have, and make the animal a mirror image of him/herself. Here is what I have learned while doing this: #1- bulldogs, pugs, and other short-nosed breeds look exactly the same when you mirror them, #2- some of these can make a person laugh so hard they snort and/or cry, #3- occasionally I will create a DogSplit™ that results in a dog that looks exactly like a specific cartoon or movie character, like the guy on the middle right who looks uncannily like Sid the sloth from the movie Ice Age.

I am actively creating more of these, and already have around 75 more great images where these came from, so I will be sharing a lot more over the coming weeks and months, both here on the blog, and on Facebook (and yes, most likely on Instagram too). Life is tough, and we all need a little humor in our lives, and if some of these funny animals can help make people laugh and brighten up their day, then I’ll keep posting them for as long as people want to see them. Enjoy my DogSplits™ and CatSplits™! 🙂

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