kitty collage

Ok, I really can’t stand the word ‘collage’ used in conjunction with photography, but in this case the ‘c’ sounds have a nice ring to them, so there.

I recently completed and ordered a 24×36 canvas collage, ahem- storyboard (much nicer word), for a client, and wanted to post one of my favorite rejects. Here it is:


(in case you are wondering, not every kitty’s name is printed on Minnie Mouse’s tag. lol. I added the other names for the cover of a photobook I’m designing for my client).

And here is the storyboard we ended up printing. (I really wanted this to be horizontal, but it was my client’s idea to flip the canvas vertically to fit all of the kitties, which solved all of our problems. Photographers- listen to your clients! Often their ideas are better than yours.) I can’t wait to see this when it comes back from the printer!


This storyboard was challenging to design because of the odd number of kitties, and because ideally we wanted each image to be the same size. (There was some confusing math involved). In the future I’ll definitely use Compositor, a cool piece of software recommended to me by some followers on Facebook.

And here is another fun design you can make with Photoshop clipping masks (anyone recognize these dogs? Hint: it was a little gift I made for Sharon and these are her photos).


Heck, when you have as many custom shapes as I do, you can make clipping masks out of practically everything. I call this next one “Fergie in Fergie”.


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  1. Hi,

    I’m looking for a photographer that specializes in cats. My 2 cats, brothers, are turning 15 and I would like to have some photos done. Please let me know if this is a service you provide, or if you can refer me to someone.

    Thank you,


  2. Wow, I must be getting better at Photoshop – because I knew exactly what you were talking about with clipping masks and custom shapes. Ha! No more “head-turned-to-the-side-HUH?” looks for me!! 🙂

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