Beautiful Beasties Professional Pet Photography Network and Forum

Exciting news fellow pet photographers!

I’m excited to announce the launch of my brand spanking new online network designed for, and run by, professional pet photographers! Designed by me, used by you! The network is called the Beautiful Beasties Pet Photography Network, and it’s now Live, and open to all professional pet photographers the world over to join! (The site launched in April of 2009). Click on the image below to read all of the details on joining this great pet photography network and forum.

Link to pet photography network and forum information


Beautiful Beasties Pet Photography Network and Forum.

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42 thoughts on “Beautiful Beasties Professional Pet Photography Network and Forum

  1. Hi Jamie!

    Just found your website and blog through my research into pet photography. I am a newbie and in the process of building my website and portfolio. I cannot wait to be able to apply for membership. I think what you have started is amazing! How exciting to find a “home” where there are other people as passionate about four legged friends as I am. Tessa

  2. This is insanely cool Jamie. I had always wondered when you were going to do something like this. Way to go. I’m sure your hard work will pay off 10x over.

  3. Congratulations, Jamie! I wish you every success. I love your style and the marvelous humor you portray in your photography. I started out with pet and wildlife photography but found that my journey was about wildlife because of where I live. And, PLEASE, who could compete with the First Woman of Pet Photography?!!!:D As a photographer, I’m always about learning and appreciating those in my field and I click on your blog frequently to admire the beautiful and unique imagery you present. Never mind that I’m in love with every critter on this earth. Thank you, Jamie!

  4. This looks AWESOME Jamie! I’m super excited that equines are included! I had to leave the only equine photographer group I know of because it was just too expensive for me, and nine times out of ten it seemed like their answer to any question was “well you can pay to take this class we’re holding!” 😛 My site needs a little updating but once I do I’ll turn in an application!

  5. Hi Jamie,

    Will this be open to new members in the future? I’m not quite ready to apply for a business license but I am working toward that. I think this is a fabulous idea!

  6. This is SO exciting! I am in love with dogs and photography and setting up my business right now.
    I would love to join the forum and will send you my application very soon.
    I do not have a website yet but am portfolio building and will send you the
    link to it.
    You are amazing and I thank you for all the energy and effort you are putting
    into this!
    Merci de tout coeur!

  7. This is such a great idea and we all appreciate the time and energy you put into helping other photographers and animal lovers out. Thanks so much! My application is in and my fingers are crossed!

  8. Jamie where do you find the time!!?? You are a rock star, what a fantastic idea. I am still working on getting my official website and portfolio together. Hopefully in the next few months I’ll be qualified to join the group! if you’ll have me of course 😉

  9. Sa-weeeeeeeeet, perfect timing. I am starting my own pet photography busines within the next few months, inspired by you Jamie.:) Oh yes, I should mention that I live in Seattle, ha. There is room for 1 more pet photographer here right?@!

  10. Awwwww…..I wish there was something like this to mentor beginners! I don’t qualify for membership (yet), but I would love love love access to feedback and being a part of the online pet photo community since there isn’t one in my area.


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