My reasoning for the new network :-)

I wanted to do a quick post on my reasoning for this new online network for pet photographers.

I’m super excited at the responses I have gotten thus far and am really impressed with the caliber of photographers. While all of them have been really positive, I know there will be naysayers to come. I’m just waiting for them. People who don’t trust me for whatever reason, who think I’m just doing this to promote my own agenda, that I will sucker people in under the guise of ‘free’ and then start charging them money. That I will splash advertisements about my workshops all over the forum, that I’ll manipulate people in some way to think or feel something or pay me money.

To those I say this:

Every day I get emails from pet photographers around the world. They are hungry. Hungry for information. Hungry to connect. Hungry for community. I want to help them. Genuinely help them. Not with any financial motivation involved. My driving force in life is to help others, often at the expense of my own needs. Those who know me well know this about me. I am generous to a fault, a trait I get from my parents.

I truly, deeply, passionately want to see others succeed at something that fills them with joy. There is too much misery in life. Especially when it comes to work. We pour our lives into our work. We should be getting so much more back.

I want this new network to be a community, run *by* a community, *for* a community. I have no desire to push my own agenda down people’s throats. I will never be the kind of photographer who takes advantage of others. I have no intention of ever charging money for this, even though it’s a tremendous amount of (unpaid) work for me. I’m ok with that because I really hope, and believe, this will help a lot of people.

In fact, I was so giddy with excitement at the emails rolling into my inbox today from potential members I did a little dance around my house. (And Fergie got all excited too, even though she didn’t know what about). The thought that like-minded people not just in the US, but around the *world* could come together and share, honestly makes me tear up like it is right now. THAT is why I did this.

So to the naysayers I say: be untrusting, be catty, be negative, and be all of that on another forum. πŸ™‚


Jamie Pflughoeft

Helper of pet photographers everywhere

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9 thoughts on “My reasoning for the new network :-)

  1. Yea for you Jamie!! I wish (or do you know of) a local wedding photographer network. It seems like there are lots of wedding photogs out there but none want to network….. Kids. They never realize that the sandbox is really so much bigger than they think.

    I like to say “some people just need something to complain about, here in Seattle it’s often the weather, but even if it’s sunny then it’s ‘too hot’, ug!”

  2. I’m not a pet photographer but love your work! I would’ve loved to be part of the forum but unfortunately I don’t fit the criteria! πŸ˜‰ It’s truly generous of you! I’m sure this network you started with grow and evolve into something special! Good luck and congratulations!

  3. @Robyn: yay! and you’re welcome. and thank you. @karen- thankfully no naysayers yet! I was acting preemptively, because I know they will come. and shucks, your compliments make me blush. I am so happy to hear you found the information useful! @heidi- AMEN! I was totally there when I started, and have learned the value of what we offer. it’s *just* as meaningful as human photography. I really hope this does, in some small way, help elevate the level of pet photography as a whole! @josh- your wife would probably kill me for saying this, but I love you, I really do. πŸ™‚

  4. Haters need something to hate on. That’s what they do. This network is going to be full of good people doing good things for the pet photography industry. It should be a network of like minded souls. And, pet photogs get NO RESPECT in the photo community. There was ONE WPPI class sort of about pets and that’s it. Pet photography is important. Pets matter. This is awesome πŸ™‚

  5. One thing I hope this online network can accomplish is for professional photographers to stay charging industry standard rates and keep value within the photography community.

    The other thing is that I’ve experienced a lot of seasoned photogs locally who do not want to share info b/c of the entire competition thing. While I understand that, it breaks down community instead of helping to band the industry together. If that’s is true in other communities, it would be very beneficial to have a forum that people can learn, share, and continue to bring value back into the industry.

    Thanks, Jamie, for being a pioneer – you’re gift to us.

  6. Hi Jamie,
    Obviously from this post you felt a need to make such a statement. You have been such an inspiration to me, a guide, a teacher, sharer, but mostly a dear and genuine person I like to call friend. I did your workshop, I did your consultation… I paid for it…. it was worth twice the price. But never once did I feel you were doing it for the money only but for the joy of sharing a passion you have with others. You did that for me. πŸ™‚ To the naysayers…. well my mother told me it was impolite to use language like that…. for those of us who have been blessed with an opportunity to know you…. thank you, Jamie, for being the person you are. Fergie….. give that girl a really wet doggie lips kiss. Karen

  7. I am sooooo excited for this Jamie, and I am so happy that there will finally be a place where pet photogs can go to network, share stories, ideas, tips, etc. It seems that there are so many wedding, children and babies, and sport-type photographer networks out there. This is exactly what I have been waiting for!!!! Kudos to you for being so proactive, and a BIG thank you for being so generous with your time!

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